04: QCTO Qualification – Health, Safety and Quality Practitioner (All 3 Parts)

Complete Qualification: QCTO Curriculum Code: 226302001, SAQA ID: 99714, NQF Level 5 (256 Credits)

The Complete Qualification takes between 15 to 18 Months to complete. The Knowledge Modules are relatively quick to complete (consists of Learner Material which has to be learnt, after which a Test is done on the Online Lesson System), whereas the Practical Skill Modules consist of comprehensive Tasks and Documents to be completed and handed in to our Course Staff / Instructors for evaluation. The Work Experience Modules require strict durations of active employment at your company in the specific roles and responsibilities set out by the Work Experience Modules, under supervision of your suitably qualified Occupational Health and Safety Manager of your company who has to sign off on each of the required aspects before you can submit the Documentation and Additional Documentation as well as the signed Statement of Work Experience. The documentation and the Statement of Work Experience is evaluated by our Course Staff / Instructors.

After completing every Knowledge Module, every Practical Skill Module and every Work Experience Module, the student earns a Gold Certificate and subsequently qualifies for a Summative Assessment (Exit Exam) through a designated QCTO Assessment Centre before the final QCTO Qualification Certificate for the Qualification is issued to the Learner.

Part 1: All 9 Knowledge Modules of Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety, as well as both Knowledge Modules of the Fundamentals of Communication. Additionally it also consists of 3 Practical Skill Modules (PM-01, PM-02 & PM-03) and 2 Work Experience Modules (WM-01 & WWM-02), as follows:

  • KM-01-KT 01: Roles and Responsibilities of Health and Safety Representatives
  • KM-01-KT 02: Legislative Requirements related to OHS Act
  • KM-01-KT 03: Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness
  • KM-01-KT 04: Introduction to Behavioural Management
  • KM-01-KT 05: Introduction to Emergency Preparedness
  • KM-01-KT 06: Fundamentals of Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • KM-01-KT 07: Introduction to Safe Work Practices
  • KM-01-KT 08: Accident and Incident Investigation Awareness
  • KM 01-KT-09: Overview of Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders
  • KM-02-KT 01: Explain Basic Communication Model
  • KM-02-KT 02: Principles and Ethics of Auditing
  • PM-01: Represent the needs of employees with regard to Occupational Health and Safety matters
  • PM-02: Inspect work places, identify Hazards and Risks and take immediate action to ensure Health and Safety in the workplace
  • PM-03: Consult with employees and raise their Needs and Issues
  • WM-01: Exposure to the workplace Examination Processes – (MINIMUM of 3 Months)
  • WM-02: Exposure to the processes of representing the Occupational Health and Safety needs of Employees – (MINIMUM of 3 Months)

Part 2: All 9 Knowledge Modules of Occupational Health and Safety Applications, as well as 2 Practical Skill Modules (PM-04 & PM-05) and 2 Work Experience Modules (WM-03 & WM-04), as follows:

  • KM-03-KT 01: Principles and Concepts of HIRA
  • KM-03-KT 02: Techniques of Incident Investigation
  • KM-03-KT 03: Principles of Occupational Hygiene
  • KM-03-KT 04: Principles of Safe Work Practices
  • KM-03-KT 05: Criteria and Standard of Document Control
  • KM-03-KT 06: Concepts and Principles Cause and Effect Analysis
  • KM-03-KT 07: Principles, Concepts and Process of HIRA
  • KM-03- KT 08: Continuous Improvement
  • KM-03-KT 09: Change Management
  • PM-04: Inspect work places and environments to identify the Occupational Health and Safety Hazards and determine the Risks associated with the work
  • PM-05: Coordinate the work activities of Occupational Health and Safety Representatives
  • WM-03: Exposure to Occupational Risk Management processes – (MINIMUM of 3 Months)
  • WM-04: Exposure to the processes of selecting, appointing and managing Occupational Health and Safety Representatives – (MINIMUM of 1 Month)

Part 3 (the rest of the Modules towards completion of the Qualification): All 11 Knowledge Modules of Occupational Health and Safety Management as well as all 4 Knowledge Modules of Operations Management and Supervision. Additionally it also consists of 3 Practical Skill Modules (PM-06, PM-07, PM-08 & PM-09) and 2 Work Experience Modules (WM-05 & WM-06), as follows:

  • KM-04-KT 01: Application of Health and Safety
  • KM-04-KT 02: Structure of Regulatory Requirements
  • KM-04-KT 03: Implementation of OHS Safety Management System
  • KM-04-KT 05: Interpreting Occupational Hygiene Survey
  • KM-04-KT 06: Introduction to Corporate and Organizational Governance
  • KM-04-KT 07: Developing Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • KM-04-KT 08: Develop and Implement Operational Controls
  • KM-04-KT 09: Effective Auditing and Inspection Practices
  • KM-04-KT 10: Concepts of Integrated Risk Management
  • KM-04-KT 11: Economics of OHS and the impact on the Value Chain
  • KM-05-KT 01: Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
  • KM-05-KT 02: Principles of the Learning and Development Process
  • KM-05-KT 03: Implementation of Change Management
  • KM-05-KT 04: Implementation of Continuous Improvement
  • PM-06: Risk Profile, Legal Register & OHS Management System
  • PM-07: Establish, maintain and improve the Health and Safety Documentation and Reporting Systems, Controls and Processes
  • PM-08: Advise on the establishment, maintenance and improvement of Emergency Response and Preparedness
  • PM-09: Manage the effectiveness of operational Occupational Health and Safety Systems
  • WM-05: Exposure to the processes of developing and implementing Occupational Health and Safety Systems – (MINIMUM of 6 Months)
  • WM-06: Exposure to the processes of monitoring and improving Occupational Health and Safety Systems – (MINIMUM of 12 Months)

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