WM 05: Exposure to the processes of developing and implementing Occupational Health and Safety Systems

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226302001 – WM 05 – Work Experience Module Specifications: NQF Level 5 (Credits 48)

The prosesses of developing and implementing OHS Systems, including participation in the planning of the OHS System and implementing the OHS System for 6 months

Purpose of the Work Experience Modules:

The focus of the work experience is on providing the learner an opportunity to gain experience in the processes of developing and implementing of OHS Systems.

The learner will be required to complete the Module:
  • WM-05-WE01: Participate in the planning of at least 1 operational Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • WM-05-WE02: Participate in the implementation of OHS Systems for a period of 6 months

Course Information

Estimated Time: MINIMUM of 6 Months of actual working experience in the applicable fields

Difficulty: Advanced

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