Unit Std 9965: Render Basic First Aid – Level 2


Use this valuable Unit Standard Course to learn about Render Basic First Aid – Level 2  for a successful learner of this Unit Standard to be able to function.

In this Course you will learn the following:

This Unit Standard is to enable learners to render basic first aid, to ensure that they contribute to a safe, healthy environment for themselves and others, and that physical harm to individuals is minimized. 

The Module consist of the following:

  • Intervene in a first aid scenario. 
  • Potential hazards around an injured person are identified and eliminated. 
  • Visible vital signs of the injured person are examined.
  • The telephone number of emergency services in the area are known or accessed. 
  • Assistance is requested. 
  • The injured is reassured and calmed and information about the injury cause is requested. 
  • Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is demonstrated. 
  • Treat bleeding wounds.
  • Universal principles for dealing with infectious diseases are applied. 
  • A wound is checked for foreign objects. 
  • Serious bleeding is controlled using the most appropriate method, and the correct procedure. 
  • Treat an injured person for shock. 
  • Signs that indicate shock are accurately identified. Correct treatment procedures are demonstrated. 
  • Immobilise a fracture. 
  • A limb is immobilised using available materials. 
  • The injured person is not moved. 
  • Intervene in minor medical emergencies. 
  • A first aid box is accessed. 
  • The signs and symptoms associated with the condition are identified. 
  • Basic first aid is administered. 

Accreditation & CPD Points:

As a Corporate Member of SAIOSH, ISO NET (Pty) Ltd submitted the Course and Training Material for adjudication.

SAIOSH certified this ISO NET (Pty) Ltd Course and awards it Verified – 5 CPD Points, see the Certificate below:

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 Day’s

Difficulty: Basic First Aid Level 2

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