QCTO RPL: Recognition of Prior Learning (Qualification: Health, Safety & Quality Practitioner)

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This is the ONCE-OFF payment for the RPL PROCESS for QCTO Qualification: Health, Safety & Quality Practitioner, for people who want to enrol for this Assessment Process to establish whether you already qualify for certain exemptions in terms of the Qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning CONTENT:

This is a Step by Step process and procedure to complete the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) per candidate, specifically for the QCTO Qualification: Health, Safety & Quality Practitioner. The details below are taken exactly from the QCTO guidelines for the process of RPL and the requirements thereof:

QCTO RPL Information:

This is a schedule on how the RPL steps work:

STEP 1: The candidate gathers all the needed information on the RPL Process from this RPL Website Page, registers for the Process and pays for the Process by clicking on the BUY link. Once payment reflects in the Bank Account of the SDP, the process starts by means of acceptance and enrolment.

STEP 2: The candidate goes to the Student Dashboard under Training Academy on the Main Menu of the website, enters his / her Login Information (the information with which he / she used to register for RPL) and then enters the selected RPL Process. When in the Process itself, start reading carefully and then click on the CONTINUE Button to start the whole process.

STEP 3: The candidate works through the first Introduction section, then clicks CONTINUE to advance to the section where the required Self-Assessment can be downloaded. After successful download, the Self-Assessment needs to be completed. This is a comprehensive exercise which will require time and dedication. When complete, the candidate submits the completed Self-Assessment as well as all accompanying documents (Portfolio Of Evidence) via the Google Drive Folder assigned to him / her and sends an E-Mail to  admin@iso-net.co.za, to advise ISO NET (Pty) Ltd that it has been uploaded and that it is ready for formal assessment and review.

STEP 4: The SDP reviews and assesses the Self-Assessment and POE and then contacts the candidate via E-mail from admin@iso-net.co.za, reporting on his Self-Assessment and POE. Subsequently the SDP requests an official Assessment Meeting between the candidate and the SDP via E-Mail. It is a requirement that such a meeting takes place in person between the parties and only in merited circumstances may such a meeting take place via video conference and not in person.

STEP 5: The Formal Assessment Meeting takes place between the SDP and the candidate and on this occasion the SDP might require the candidate to complete a written test in order to make a fair and equitable decision regarding RPL and the scope thereof.

STEP 6: The SDP then completes their own Formal Assessment and makes a determination on the candidate. The SDP then provides the candidate with their Final Report (Final Outcome of their RPL) and submits the candidate’s Final Report, details and POE to QCTO so that the candidate is registered on the QCTO System for the Qualification.

STEP 7: After the determination of RPL, the candidate can then continue, as follows:

  • If the candidate needs to still complete OUTSTANDING Courses / Modules on the QCTO Qualification: Health, Safety & Quality Practitioner (SAQA ID: 99714, QCTO ID: 226302001), the outcome and details of OUTSTANDING Courses / Modules will be indicated on the Official RPL Assessment outcome from the Skills Development Providers (SDP). This will assist the candidate to complete the balance of Requirements for the Qualification and the candidate is required to enrol for the OUTSTANDING Courses / Modules on the ISO NET (Pty) Ltd Training Academy Website. Prices and the duration of the OUTSTANDING elements will be discussed between the candidate and ISO NET (Pty) Ltd. Only after completing the OUTSTANDING Courses / Modules, the candidate moves to the step directly below;
  • If the candidate has complied with the full requirements of the QCTO Qualification: Health, Safety & Quality Practitioner (SAQA ID: 99714, QCTO ID: 226302001), he / she will need to be enrolled for the Summative Assessment (Exit Exam) for the Qualification at QCTO, via ISO NET (Pty) Ltd. QCTO decides whether a candidate is indeed fit to undergo the Summative Assessment and might require documentation and proof from the SDP / candidate before enrolling the candidate for the Summative Assessment.

STEP 8: The Candidate will receive the accredited Qualification: Health, Safety & Quality Practitioner (SAQA ID: 99714, QCTO ID: 226302001) from QCTO, once the Summative Assessment is passed.

RPL Information

Estimated Time: 3 to 6 Months

Difficulty: Advanced

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