KM 04 KT 10: Principles of Integrated Risk Management

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  • Explain the Concepts of Risk Management
  • What is Baseline, Issue Based and Continuous Risk Assessment
  • List all Elements that must be considered in an Integrated Risk Management System
  • Explain the Principles and Effects off Cross Impact Analysis
  • Explain the Basic Principles of the Economics of Mitigation and Control of Risks
  • Describe various Risk Assessment Techniques (HIRA, HAZOP, Fault tree, Bow tie)

SAQA / QCTO / Saiosh Information:

This is a Knowledge Module:
  • This Module is a SINGLE PART of the bigger SAQA Qualification ID: 99714 (Occupational Certificate: Safety, Health and Quality Practitioner)
  • This Module is a SINGLE PART of the bigger QCTO Curriculum Code: 226302001 (Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner)
  • This Individual Short Course is accerdited by Saiosh (5 CPD Points)




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